Clearly death is closer to age, but once confronted with the reality you can start having fun. These are 10 benefits to the golden years.

Elderly care facilities: Senior Assisted living is a great way to manage yourself when getting older begins to take its toll on your body. Having someone to offer your meals and manage your medicines you take helps.

Confidence level: Ah, youth. It can be very exciting for all the uncertainty, but can also be unpleasant and disturbing. Forget about being insecure and shy – with age comes a self-righteous well worth the wait.

Wisdom: As if being sure of oneself is not enough, you also get the benefits of having lived and seen a variety of things young boys do not. That makes your experience all the more valuable. Pass it on every time you get a chance, but because children have little patience, it may be better to write it as a memory, so that future generations can have their stories too.

Discounts: From museums to morning specialties, older people get tons of reduced rates. Take your pick and start enjoying.

Leisure: Without work you can easily start a new hobby and focus on yourself. Try golf – it is an excellent exercise and it’s good to immerse yourself in nature.

Solitary: And speaking of nature, now that you’ve been around the block, chances are you can finally appreciate what it means to be alone. Tranquility and relaxation listening to the birds sing or streams burble; children just want to see what is coming.

Grandchildren: The best aspects of having children without worrying about discipline and raise them properly. And with gray hair, it is difficult to regard as absurd, so you can act as silly as you want around children (or anyone else, for that matter).

Mental toughness: As we age, the brain becomes stronger, having absorbed more. Philosophizing is easier and we do not take for granted the knowledge of the way that young people often do.

Freedom: Actually, nobody can tell you what to do. You have age on your side, which goes much further than any reasoning or “power.”

Relaxation: With plenty of time to not have to rush or worry. That means you can breathe deeply and relax. Take a nap or a walk, do what you want! You are retired!

Aging is natural. Enjoy it as it occurs and you will be able to reflect on your youth without regret