With the arrival of the elderly, people begin to have more dependency, they need much more care and attention from their families.

They begin to feel deterioration, develop more diseases and lose balance, even experience senile dementia. That is why it is important to take good care of the health of the elderly.

Pay attention to your diet

In the third age people need a good diet, that means a balanced and balanced diet that gives them energy to carry out their daily activities.

The elderly cannot be left alone in charge of their food, not only because cooking can have an accident, but because it is necessary for someone to control that their food is balanced and also eat what is appropriate.

Although the doctor can make some dietary recommendations, the consumption of fish, white meat, olive oil, fruits and vegetables and legumes is recommended.

Take care of your skin and its hygiene

Older adults need help to maintain their personal hygiene, especially if they are sick.

Also, it is not good to bathe alone without anyone in the home because dangerous falls can occur.

It is important to supervise the baths, to help dry your body well but without rubbing and avoiding that there are wet areas.

Also, depending on the type of skin, it is recommended to use creams to maintain the hydration of your body as it tends to lose elasticity, becomes drier and brittle.

The experts also recommend that when it comes to the hygiene of the elderly, avoid very cold or very hot water and opt for neutral soaps.

Pay attention to the older adult’s dream

Sometimes because we are far away or even live in the same house, daily responsibilities prevent us from paying attention and giving the care that the older adult needs.

One of the necessary things is to pay attention to the dream of the older adult, since with age they have greater difficulty to sleep deeply and tend to have shorter dreams and to wake up suddenly.

It is recommended to pay attention to the sleep of the elderly, take care not to go to bed recently, or sleep disturbed or nervous.

Take care of your security

Believe it or not, falls are one of the leading causes of death in older adults.

The loss of balance and instability are characteristic of age and it is important to be careful. This added to the fact that they also face problems in their vision and have difficulty mobilizing.

It is important to take care of your safety, maintaining good lighting in the home, repairing furniture that is broken and adding railings on stairs and bathrooms to prevent falls. You should also avoid leaving objects on the ground or loose pets that may cause falls.

If you have a hard time moving, you should use a cane to have some support.

Search integration

Integration is very important for the health and well-being of the elderly, at their age the people of their environment stop being and feel alone and useless.

That is why it is important to integrate it with the family, and they can be accompanied and contained. Since older people often suffer from stress and anxiety by feeling alone.

Provide recreational activities

Recreational activities are very important for the health and quality of life of the elderly. They provide emotional well-being, motivate him to socialize and help speed up his mind.

From walks, reading or group activities with people your age.

Take it to the doctor

It is important that you have a regular medical check-up and have someone else take charge of your medication and medical recommendations. And that his health status be monitored.

Follow these tips to take care of the health of the elderly.