Caring for an older adult is a great responsibility that is why it is important that the person who takes charge must be a trained person who treats him patiently, with care to improve his physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Scientists points out that there are several types of older adults: the independent who does everything without anyone, dependents who need the support of a relative (son, nephew, etc.) and an advanced person age that is in bed that has a lot of pathology, blind, is not listening or have no mobility.

The specialist gives us some tips to improve the care of an older adult at home.

Family affection

“The main thing that you have to provide to an older adult is affection”.

According to the gerontologist, the affection that is given to an elderly person must be demonstrated with a kiss, a hug, giving love, love and respect.

Conditions of security in the house

When you have an adult who is already in advanced age and depends on someone to perform their activities, you must have the following conditions:

In the bathroom: place handles, the floor must have anti-slip tiles, or preferably rustic floor.

It must be sitting when bathing. “The elderly person with a disability should never bathe standing up, he should always be sitting on a static piece of furniture that does not have a wheel,” explained the gerontologist.

The structure of the house must have the comfort, security so that the person of advanced age can develop in the home.

They should not be left alone

The care of an older adult who is in bed, should be special.

Every 2 hours you must change position. Your disposable diaper should be checked, in case you do not speak, listen, or cannot express yourself.

Family walks

The first thing that must be taken into account if you have the means of transport. The older adult should be taken to family outings once a week.

“That helps him to be in contact with the environment, it helps him purify his lungs,” said the specialist in gerontology. “It should be in a healthy place, where there is no noise, that does not cause stress, such as a beach or river, with comfort and care,” he said.


An adult of advanced age must have a good diet. We must always be aware that the food is adequate.

“There are older adults who have their teeth and eat soft foods, there are others who have teeth and eat the same,” he said. There are also others who are in bed and who give their food by tube.

Family members should give love and affection to an older adult and give them a lot of love and affection. Children and young people should be taught to respect, love and value grandparents.