The chimney cleaning, is a very important task to perform. This will prevent fire from occurring in the house and unnecessary dirt accumulation. Cleaning the fireplace is essential to maintaining the care of the home and family. Many people, prefer the chimney flush qualified personnel, i.e. professionals, thus saving time in the care of the chimney. But if you want to save money, the best option is to clean your fireplace yourself.

Each week you will need to check the inside of the chimney, depending on how often you use it. The frequency of cleaning will also depend on the type of wood that burns inside it. The general rule to measure every time we must clean it, is to look at the amount of soot and creosote, which is on the walls of the chimney, there must be about 3 millimeters, then we must clean it.

Therefore, if we use the fireplace every day, it is advisable to clean it once a year. If the use is sporadic, it is normal to clean it every two years.

Soot and creosote are by-products that result from burning wood. Every time we use the fireplace, it creates coal, which gives off a black powder called soot. Creosote is a slippery liquid that adheres to the inside walls of the chimney. Every time a fire occurs or we make a fire, soot and creosote are always present. It is very important to clean the chimneys of the houses, because the creosote is very flammable and every year causes thousands of fires in the chimneys of the homes.

If we want to do a quick maintenance of the fireplace, we advise you to do it with specific products, such as those known as anti-soot. They are very easy to use, a quantity of product is thrown on the flames, and in a matter of minutes the soot accumulated in the walls is undone.

These products help keep the interior of the chimneys in good condition, but cleaning them thoroughly is not enough. Next, we will give some guidelines to clean the chimney with more depth.

To clean the chimney, we recommend proper dressing, with old pants that can stain and long-sleeved shirts that can become dirty. You should also wear a cap or scarf to protect your hair from dirt, and do not forget to put on a mask or handkerchief tied around the mouth and nose to breathe much better and a pair of gloves to protect your hands.

You will also need a light, to see where it cleans, a small stiff wire brush and a chimney brush. All these utensils I could buy in a store where they sell cleaning products for the house. Of all the products, the brush for chimneys will be the most expensive since this one must be of good quality, but with the cleanings it will amortize without realizing it.

Then, place a thick layer of old newspapers or a few rags to protect the area around the fireplace. Papers or rags should be spread over the entire surface to be protected.

Take an old, large blanket and spray it with water to moisten it. Place the blanket over the chimney opening. This will prevent the remains of creosote, soot and other materials inside the fireplace from entering your home and dirtying the entire floor.

The next step is to reach the inside of the fireplace and look for the handle of the plate, which is located inside the fireplace. Pull it out and clean the plate with the wire brush.

Then proceed to clean the walls of the chimney. We will take the brush to clean chimneys, we will wet it in a solution that contains a liter of warm water, three glasses of white vinegar and we will rub the walls vigorously. If the walls are very dirty, we will wet the brush in a preparation of water, bleach and bicarbonate. The chimney cleaning brush has a long handle so it will make it easy to reach high corners of the fireplace.